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  • Corruption Perception: how can we improve corruption measurements?

    Transparency International's Corruption Perception Index (CPI) is still the flagship publication of the growing anti-corruption community. While it plays a pivotal role in raising public awareness of the magnitude and the spread of corruption, we have to look beyond the CPI to construct indices using objective data on corruption. Researchers at ERCAS are working on such tools that are meant to inform the policy community on how to prevent corruption effectively.

  • 14639360206_b33297242d_o

    Levels of Public Integrity Show Multi-speed Europe

    A New ranking of public integrity in the European Union Member States shows Finland leading and Bulgaria lagging behind.
  • Barack_Obama_and_Sepp_Blatter_in_the_Oval_Office

    If FIFA were a country…

    The investigations against corrupt officials of the World Football Association (FIFA) show that often international organisations and associations behave like countries. Unchecked power and the
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