Anti-corruption Toolbox

The Anti-corruption Toolbox is a set of resources directed at civil society activists against corruption, journalists, and scholars, where anti-corruption initiatives are documented and promoted through a database of projects, impact analyses, and diagnosis reports. It was developed as part of the project “Together against Corruption”, which is implemented by the Romanian Academic Society (SAR) since 2010 and also includes and promotes the Civil Society against Corruption network.

The idea behind this initiative is that governments are made accountable to people and the law only if critical citizens are actively engaged in monitoring them. Therefore, this Toolbox was created to popularise actions of civil society fighting against government discretion, favoritism and corruption, and to provide models and advice to others who would like to emulate them. In other words, it is meant to function as a platform for the sharing of information, experiences, lessons learned and best practices in the fight against corruption. This initiative began with East European experiences and has become increasingly global in scope.

However, it must be taken into account that not all strategies work everywhere: the sections Diagnose Governance and Find a Cure offer some guidance on how to understand corruption in specific contexts and to adapt strategies in order to fight corruption more efficiently within each context. Nevertheless, some good examples are worthy of being highlighted, and this is done in the section Selected Projects, which features a selection of some of the most successful projects that we have documented in different countries.

The initiator and academic director of this project is Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, professor of good governance and democratisation at the Hertie School of Governance, honorary president of SAR and director of ERCAS.

Civil society organisations engaged in the fight against corruption are welcome to join the Civil Society against Corruption network and submit new projects to help us further enrich this initiative. Please submit projects here.