02 Sep 2011

Acc Discusses Fight Against Corruption in Makeni

At a meeting at the Makeni City Hall last Tuesday, the Regional Manager of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) North, Patrick Sandi, attempted to sensitize the public, including city officials, about the anti-corruption efforts implemented in Sierra Leone.

He also called attention to corrupt practices that have been reported about the Metropolitan Police and Waste Management Division of the Makeni City Council. Additionally, Mr. Sandi talked about the Anti-Corruption Act from 2008, and mentioned some of the offenses and punishments foreseen in that piece of legislation.

Also present in the meeting, the District Coordinator, Bombali Mr. Raymond Aleiu Kamara, said that the meeting aimed at encouraging society and public employees to support the fight against corruption, and stressed that it is a fight for all and should not just be left in the hands of the Commission alone.

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