14 Nov 2011

Activists Call on Uncac Parties to Pressure Morocco

The pro-democracy organization Mamfakinch sent this Tuesday an open letter to representatives of State Parties to the UN Convention against Corruptin (UNCAC), who are gathered in Marrakesh for the 4th UNCAC State Parties meeting until October 28th. In the letter, the organization emphasizes that Morocco has not been fulfilling its promises to improve control of corruption and that other State Parties to the convention should put pressure on the Moroccan government to strenghten anti-corruption policies.

According to the document, posted on Mamfakinch’s website, corruption is widespread in the country as has become worse in the last decade. Its authors highlight particularly that measures such as the creation of an anti-corruption body and the adoption of some anti-corruption laws have not been effective in tackling corruption.

Moreover, they criticize the government for its lack of transparency and reluctance to consult with civil society organizations during the UNCAC review process.

Read the article Activists urge Morocco to clean up its act on corruption on trust.org. The pictured shown above is also featured in the article and is credited to Reuters. The full version of the open letter is available on mamfakinch.com.