15 Aug 2011

Adrian Severin Under Investigation in Romania

Romanian MEP, Adrian Severin (pictured here), no longer has his immunity from the European Parliament (EP) and will face an investigation into claims of corruption in his native Romania. Mr. Severin is accused of accepting 100,000 euros (~$145,000) in order to intervene into a European directive in dealing with bankruptcy.

The lifting of immunity came after a report by the EU rapporteur Francesco Enrico Speroni was approved by the Juridical Affairs Committe on June 23rd. The case has thus been referred to Romania’s National Anti-Corruption Department (DNA).

The Romanian Academic Society’s own Alina Mungiu-Pippidi spoke to SETimes.com about the incident, concluding that Romania, in its turn, due to its corruption problems, has developed an anti-corruption mechanism over the last years with clearer laws and rules. On the other hand, Adrian Severin represents Romania in the EP and should be investigated by the country’s authorities.

For the full article from SETimes.com, please click here. Please note that the photo of Mr. Severin is also from the SETimes article is credited to Reuters.