20 Sep 2011

Anti-Corruption Agency Not Effective Against Corrupt Politicians

The international NGO Human Rights Watch has published a report about the work of the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the country’s anti-corruption agency, and has concluded that the Commission has not been able to punish corrupt politicians effectively since 2002, when it was created.

The report, entitled ‘Corruption in Trial?’, shows that the EFCC has so far prosecuted only 30 politicians and convicted four of them, but none of them are serving jail time. Nevertheless, the document also points out that the EFCC has been more successful in recovering stolen funds and in tackling private sector corruption as well.

For the full story on bbc.co.uk, please click here. The picture above is also featured in the article and is credited to Getty Images. The report by Human Rights Watch can be accessed here.