02 Sep 2011

Anti-Corruption Bill Introduced in Parliament

The controversial Lokpal Bill, which proposes the creation of an Ombudsman Office in India, has been introduced in Parliament today, amid protests from anti-corruption activists and the opposition party BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party).

Civil society representatives have expressed their discontent with the bill due to the fact that it excludes several high level authorities from the Ombudsman investigative jurisdiction, among which the Prime Minister, Members of Parliament and the Judiciary. They claim that the agency, as proposed in the bill, would not be strong enough to effectively fight corruption in the country.

Led by Ghandian Anna Hazare, civil society activists burned copies of the bill in several places in New Delhi and its surroundings. Hazare also urged the population to oppose the bill and create more pressure on the government in favor of a tougher law.

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