20 Sep 2011

Anti-Corruption Campaigner Arrested

Anna Hazare (pictured here), the anti-corruption activist that has been leading a popular movement in favor of a stricter anti-graft law in India, was arrested this Tuesday. After the arrest was made public, thousands of his supporters protested in Delhi and about 1,300 were also detained by the police.

Hazare had declared that he intended to initiate a hunger strike today, as a means to pressure the government to adopt stricter anti-corruption measures. The police justified the arrests by claiming that Hazare’s fast and the demonstrations associated with it did not respect the conditions imposed earlier.

Even after the government ordered his release, Hazare refused to leave and began a hunger strike inside jail, demanding that his original protest be allowed. Later today other regions of the country also saw public protests against the government due to his arrest.

For the full article on bbc.co.uk, please click here. The picture of Mr. Hazare shown above is from The Guardian and is credited to Reuters.