18 Oct 2011

Anti-Corruption Efforts in Sierra Leone Have Improved, Says Acc Commissioner

In an interview to the TrustLaw website, Sierra Leone’s Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) member Joseph Kamara (pictured here) talked about the contribution of recent policies to fight corruption and about how this issue is connected to historical and cultural factors experienced in the country.

Kamara highlighted that the creation of a centralized Anti-Corruption Commission has had a very positive impact on the fight against corruption in Sierra Leone. In his opinion, because the ACC is empowered by the Anti-Corruption Act to prosecute its own cases, it has been able to combat corruption more effectively than the Attorney-General did before.

He also discussed the importance of efforts to change the general cultural construct that associates corrupt behavior with being smart and making use of available opportunities. Kamara mentioned a new anti-corruption education program that aims at sensitizing the population about the harmful impact of corruption and changing the overall perception of corruption as acceptable.

For the full article on trust.org, please click here. The picture of Mr. Kamara above is from Sierra Express Media.