04 Jul 2011

Armenian Man Jailed for Questionable Corruption Charges Released

Tigran Postanjian (pictured here), the brother of a prominent Armenian opposition parliament deputy, Zaruhi Postanjian, was released from jail after spending more than three months on corruption charges, which he says are a backhanded way for the government to silence his outspoken sister.

Mr. Postanjian was working for the Arabkir district in February when he was arrested for allegedly accepting a bribe of 100,000 drams ($275) in order to ignore illegal construction. Ms. Postanjian and her party, Zharangutyun (Heritage), have since claimed that the charges were bogus, which law enforcement personnel denied.

Mr. Postanjian went on a hunger strike about a month ago in order to protest his detention, after he which he was released when a judge ruled on June 3rd that Mr. Postanjian qualified for a general amnesty declared by the authorities last month.

For the original story from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, please click here.

Please note that the photo of Mr. Postanjian comes from the RFE/RL site and is accredited to Azatutyun.