20 Sep 2011

Bárta Seeks Support to Keep Immunity

Vít Bárta (pictured here), MP from the Public Affairs (VV) party under investigation for payments to fellow party members, has been articulating support among other MPs to avoid losing his parliamentary immunity, which would allow the corruption case against him to turn effectively into a prosecution.

The Police’s request to the Chamber of Deputies for the lifting of his immunity occurred in June, but proceedings by the immunity Committee have been delayed also because Bárta failed to appear at scheduled meetings.

The case against Bárta began when two former VV members reported that they had received cash payments from him in exchange for their loyalty and discretion about his irregular practices within the party. According to Bárta, the payments were personal loans. However, the scandal led to his resignation as Transport Minister.

For the full article on czechposition.com, please click here. The picture of Mr. Bárta shown above is from The Prague Post.