18 Oct 2011

Bbc Report Points to Boxing Match-Fixing in 2012 Olympics

The BBC program Newsnight has reported evidence of payments from Azerbaijan to the World Series Boxing (WSB) to secure the country with two gold medals in the boxing tournament in the 2012 Olympic Games. The information came from whistleblowers from within WSB.

According to one of the whistleblowers, the deal was motivated by financial difficulties faced by WSB in the United States. The International Amateur Boxing Association (AIBA), responsible for the organization of the boxing competition at the Olympic Games, has admitted that it has received the sum of $9 million from an Azeri individual to one of the competitions. However, they have denied that the money was associated with a deal to manipulate the competition. Lawyers representing AIBA and WSB claim that the money came from a private Azeri investor.

For the full article on bbc.co.uk, please click here. The picture above is also featured in the original article.