20 Sep 2011

Bihar Government Uses Youtube Against Corruption

The State Government of Bihar has decided to implement an innovative mechanism to fight corruption in local welfare programs. The experiment will involve the production of videos with testimonies by citizens that were exposed to corruption. The decision follows several complaints about government officials asking for bribes to process requests by citizens.

The government will first implement this initiative in association with the distribution of benefits in the Indira Awas Yojana housing scheme. On Saturday, a state-wide camp will take place, where program beneficiaries should come and receive the first payment that they are entitled to through the program. At the same location, they will have the chance to record complaints about bribe demands.

After the videos are made, they will be uploaded on YouTube, in order to give large publicity to corruption accusations against public officials. According to Bihar’s rural development minister, Nitish Mishra, the idea is that officials refrain from demanding bribes as a result of the naming-and-shaming impact of the initiative.

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