04 Jul 2011

British Embassy Official Allowed Turned a Blind Eye to Fraudulent Albanian Applications

Mark Griffith (pictured here), a British diplomat, allowed more than 60 Albanians to enter the UK on fraudulent visas in connection with Samuel Fongho, a recruitment consultant. While Mr. Fongho was said to have charged up to 7,122 pounds (nearly $11,700) per application, it is not clear if Mr. Griffith profited as well.

Mr. Griffith seemingly processed visa applications for Albanians to live and work in home care centers across the UK, even though glaring mistakes were obvious in the applications. After 4 years, foreigners are able to apply for permanent residency permits, which are almost always approved.

For the more in-depth article from The Daily Mail, please click here.

Please note that the photo of Mr. Griffith comes from The Daily Mail article.