02 Sep 2011

Cameroon Evaluates Implementation of National Strategy to Fight Corruption

Last Friday (August 5th) the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) met to evaluate the Rapid Results Initiative, which represents the initial implementation phase of the National Strategy to Fight Corruption in Cameroon.

The Initiative was launched on April 8th, 2011 and first applied in the sectors of Public Health, Public Works and Contracts, Civil Society and Mines and Extractive Industries. Representatives of governmental bodies presented the measures taken in their respective sectors and the results obtained so far.

Dr. Loudang Marlise, head of the Anti-Corruption Unit in the Ministry of Public Health, claimed that measures to educate and sensitize the public in five pilot hospitals of Yaounde, combined with incentives to the staff and a general zero tolerance policy, have contributed to reduce acts of corruption in the sector.

Jean-Jacques Ndoudoumou, general manager of the Public Contracts Regulatory Body, highlighted achievements in public contracting, such as integrity pacts, mechanisms for denouncing corruption in five ministries, and the suspension of contractors involved in irregularities.

In the meeting there were also recommendations for the extension of this initiative to other ministries and government institutions.

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