16 Jun 2011

Corrupt Mayor’s Children Made to Pay for His Mistakes

The children of the late Jesús Gil (pictured here), a controversial former businessman and politician of Marbella, Spain, are being forced by a Spanish court to repay over 100 million euros in compensation to the city for accounting irregularities during their father’s tenure as Mayor.

As the three children are the heirs to Mr. Gil’s estate, the court ruled that they have also inherited his obligations, with the court ruling that they must pay back 66.5 million euros for the losses caused to the municipality for their father’s actions, with an additional 39 million euros in interest dating back to the 1994-1999 tenure of Mr. Gil.

The city of Marbella began to suffer from a massive corruption ring centered upon urban planning and bribery, initiated under Mr. Gil.

For the full story from El País, please click here.

Please note that the photo of Mr. Gil is by Julián Rojas.