18 Oct 2011

Corruption Is Main Concern in World Cup Preparations

The 2014 World Cup, to take place in Brazil, is already expected to be the most expensive in history, with estimated costs of $13 billion. For brazilian public prosecutors and anti-corruption watchdogs, however, this amount is likely to be even higher, as preparations for the event show a trend of overspending and potential misuse of public funds.

According to Athayde Ribeiro da Costa, chief prosecutor in the state of Amazonas and head of a group of 12 prosecutors working on cases related to World Cup projects, there are over 80 civil investigations under way to verify possible abuses in major construction projects related to the event. One of the main concerns regards the inobservance of public contracting procedures.

For the full story on economictimes.indiatimes.com, please click here. The original article is credited to Reuters. The picture above is from telegraph.co.uk.