09 Dec 2011

Czech Paper Launches Petition for Tougher Stance on Corruption

The Czech tabloid Blesk, one of the most popular daily publications in the country, has launched a petition online demanding law enforcement agencies to conduct tougher investigations on corruption cases. The newspaper also published a list of the 20 most corrupt Czech politicians, based on a poll with 50,000 people.

The article annoucing the petition claimed that corrupt politicians have exerted influence on the police, the state prosecution and the justice system and that this is keeping such institutions from doing their part in fighting corruption effectively. The petition seeks to appeal to the readers to manifest their insatisfaction with the situation of corruption in the country. Recent opinion polls have shown that over 90% of the population believes that corruption is a serious problem in the country and only 24% believe that progress has been made recently in tackling the problem. 

Read the full article “Czech tabloid launches petition demanding authorities crack down on corruption” on ceskapozice.cz. The picture above is featured in the article and is credited to Blesk.