24 May 2011

Drugs and Corruption Creeping Into Dominican Police and Military

Corruption from drug trafficking has increasingly become a problem in the Dominican Republic, as evidenced by the story of Elias Enmanuel Núñez, a former Lieutenant himself, who was fired and threatened after complaining about his superiors’ corrupt actions in the police force.

According to Núñez, I would arrest a drug dealer for having however many kilos of cocaine, and the next day the drugs I seized would be gone, and the guy would be back on his corner… I did not offer myself to that kind of thing, and now I can’t even get a job as a security guard.

Some interesting statistics from the report include:

— The armed forces have fired 2,300 soldiers in the past three years, including two generals and six colonels;

— 1,100 soldiers have been dismissed from the Air Force;

— 1,200 police officers were fired by the last police chief;

— The Army said it fired more than 100 soldiers for drug offenses alone.

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