20 Sep 2011

Egypt Revives 60-Year-Old Anti-Corruption Law

Last Wednesday the Egyptian government decided to revive an old piece of legislation against corruption, first passed under President Nasser’s government. Experts say that the decision may affect the trial of Hosni Mubarak (pictured here).

Amendments to the so-called Treason Law have been approved by the cabinet and sent to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to be ratified. The law determines that any government official, including parliamentarians and members of the Cabinet, may be punished for abuse of power for personal benefit.

According to Justice Minister Mohamed Abdel Aziz el-Guindy, this law would be applicable to the corruption case against Mubarak, since it was never directly overwritten and therefore remained in effect during his regime.

For the full article on af.reuters.com, please click here. The picture of Mr. Mubarak is from guardian.co.uk and is credited to European Press Agency (EPA).