14 Nov 2011

First Conviction Under Uk’s Bribery Act

The United Kindgom’s new anti-bribery legislation, which came into force last July, is being enforced for the first time against a London court official, who pleaded guilty today to resquesting and receiving a bribe and to a count of misconduct in public office.

Munir Patel admitted asking for a £500 bribe to remove a driving offense from an individual’s record at the courthouse where he worked. He shall be sentenced at another hearing scheduled in November.

The Bribery Act drew much attention at the time of its adoption, due to its being one of the world’s strictest anti-bribery legislation, as it foresees that companies are obligated to ensure internal controls to prevent bribery on their behalf in other countries.

Read the full article London Court Clerk Pleads Guilty in First Bribery Act Case on bloomberg.com. The picture above is from trust.org and is credited to Reuters/Sukree Sukplang.