24 May 2011

Foreign Charities Must Register With Gov’t Says Haitian Pm

So many foreign NGOs work in Haiti that even before the devastating 2010 earthquake it was jokingly referred to as the Republic of NGOs. Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive wants NGOs to register with the national government in order to cut down on the duplication of services, some of which compete with government services, and to improve coordination.

Many aid workers, however, are concerned about working with a government that they see as corrupt and inefficient. Making the system worse, according to many in the government, is the fact that foreign aid organizations offer better pay than the government, luring away the most talented Haitians away from government service.

Michel Martelly, the recently-elected President, at least according to the preliminary election results, also supports Bellerive’s desire to have foreign charities register with the national government.

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