26 Apr 2011

Former Afghan Minister Arrested for Corruption

Enayatullah Qasimi, the former Transport Minister of Afghanistan, was arrested recently for suspicion of corruption in two separate cases dating back to 2004. When combined, the two cases against Mr. Qasimi total around $12m.

The first of the corruption cases against the former minister are connected to the purchase of six airplanes. While no details were given surrounding the case by the Attorney General’s spokesman, Amanullah Iman, he is accused of abuse of power that led to the loss of $9m in government funds.

The second case against Mr. Qasimi has to do with a consulting fee totaling $3m while trying to help state-backed Ariana Airlines.

As mentioend above, rampant corruption is a massive problem in Afghanistan, which has resulted in the reduction of aid money from various donors, including the United States (~$4b) and the United Kingdom (~$140m).

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