18 Oct 2011

Former Aide of Bjp Leader Lk Advani Arrested

Sudheendra Kulkarni (pictured here), former aide of prominent opposition leader LK Advani, has been arrested on accusations of involvement in the ‘cash for votes’ scandal that was uncovered in March. This is the sixth arrest related to the case, in which MP Amar Singh is believed to have offered cash to other legislators in exchange from their abstention in a 2008 confidence vote in Parliament.

According to the police, Mr. Kulkarni is believed to have planned the scheme and to have approached Mr. Singh in order to convince him to take part in it. Mr. Kulkarni claims that he persuaded Mr. Singh, a member of a coalition party, to offer bribes to MPs in the opposition, but his ultimate objective was to expose corruption within the government.

For the full story on bbc.co.uk, please click here. The picture of Mr. Kulkarni is also featured in the article and is credited to Press Trust of India (PTI).