26 Apr 2011

Former Indonesian Home Affairs Minister Arrested for Corruption

Hari Sabarno is the second former Indonesian minister to be arrested this week, evidence that the Indonesian government’s promises to crackdown on corruption should be taken seriously.

Mr. Sabarno was the former Home Affairs Minister between 2001 and 2005, is being tried for signing the procurement orders for regional fire trucks, which he denies. He allegedly misspent an estimated $9.78 m on procurement contracts for fire trucks. The two companies that benefited from these contracts, PT Istana Sarana Raya and PT Satal Nusantara, are both owned by the same man, Hengky Samuel Daud.

While Hari is also a former general, he will not be tried in a military court, but a corruption court, although he has requested legal help from the Indonesian Military legal unit (TNI).

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