31 May 2011

Former Romanian Agriculture Minister Convicted of Corruption

Ioan Avram Muresam (pictured here), the former Romanian Agriculture Minister, was sentenced to seven years in prison for embezzlement for a case dating back to December 18th, 2003, although Mr. Muresam can still appeal the decision.

During his time as the Agriculture Minister, Mr. Muresam wrote several orders to release oil from the state’s reserve as a loan to a Romanian company in May and November 1999 and in April 2000.

Mr. Muresam was not alone in the case, however, as Ioan Truta Enea, a former Deputy Secretary General, Dan Jiga, a former Director General in the Agriculture Ministry, and Silvia Capitanu, a former Director also in the Agriculture Ministry, were also indicted in the case.

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The photo of Mr. Muresam comes from EMM.ro.