14 Nov 2011

Head of Serbian Watchdog Discusses National Anti-Corruption Strategy

Zorana Marković, director of Serbia’s Anti-Corruption Agency, discussed in an interview last week the country’s accomplishments with its anti-corruption policies until now and the challenges that still remain and that shall be tackled by a new anti-corruption strategy for the next five years.

According to Ms. Marković, Serbia has been able to establish a strong legal framework to fight corruption and has put fundamental institutions in place to address the problem. Nevertheless, she pointed out that these institutions are still too weak to guarantee the enforcement of the existing anti-corruption legislation. Therefore the anti-corruption strategy for 2011-2016 to be presented to Parliament later this year focusses strongly on strengthening the already functioning structure in order to improve the government’s anti-corruption efforts.

Ms. Marković mentioned yet another important challenge that remains with regards to fighting corruption, namely the lack of whistleblower protection legislation. The proposition of such legislation will also be a priority for the anti-corruption agency in the near future.

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