26 Apr 2011

Hungarian Mp Suspects Shady Deal in Off-Shore Procurement Deal

Hungarian MP Gábor Schering (Politics Can Be Different – LMP) is calling for the government to impose restrictions on offshore companies participating in public tenders after a company register in Cyprus won an Ft 2 billion ($10.6 million) contract with the Hungarian Postal Service (Magyar Posta).

MP Schering, via the LMP, opined that the Cypriot company had been involved in shady deals in the past and that it was unacceptable that a closed tender procedure with only one bidder be awarded to an offshore company. Furthermore, Mr. Schering further speculated that Magyar Posta executives had been cozying up to the company.

The LMP member went on to state that the Socialists and Fidesz have a history of such murky deals, as in the past both parties have profited from such relationships.

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