04 Nov 2011

India’s Anti-Corruption Movement Faces Internal Crisis

A group of anti-corruption activists led by Anna Hazare has created much commotion around India’s anti-corruption bill, but now they are drawing attention for other reasons, such as internal disagreements and questionable moves by some of its members.

Since Mr. Hazare and other allies recently campaigned against India’s ruling party in a by-election in Haryana state, some of the group’s leading activists have withdrawn their support from the anti-corruption campaign. According to Rajendra Singh and PV Rajagopal, two activists that decided to leave Mr. Hazare’s team, internal democracy in his group is lacking.

Meanwhile, doubts have arisen regarding the so-called movement’s cohesion and representativeness. Mr. Hazare’s team has shown signs that it is not as well organized as everyone thought, and other groups in the Indian society have shown some degree of distrust in what Hazare stands for. The question that remains is whether his campaign will be able to keep enough support from the population for the months to come.

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