15 Aug 2011

Indian Activist Meets With Parties over Ombudsman Bill

Indian civil society and anti-corruption activist, Anna Hazare (pictured here), is meeting with the Indian parties in attempt to put more pressure on them in order to pass his preferred version of the Ombudsman bill that is meant to prevent corruption amongst politicians, which the ruling government has criticized as impractical.

Mr. Hazare has already met with leaders from the BJP and a minister of the state of Bihar, and hopes to meet with the Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi on Sunday, when the government plans on having a meeting with opposition parties to discuss the Ombudsman bill.

The opposition BJP has not yet decided whether they would attend the meeting or not nor have they decided upon whether they will back the government’s version of the bill, saying that they would need to read the bill first and then discuss it in Parliament first.

For the original article from Indiareport.com, please click here. Please note that the photo of Mr. Harare also comes from the Indiareport.com article, but is not credited.