26 Apr 2011

Indian Opposition Turns up Heat on Pm over Cash-For-Votes Scam

Following allegations of bribing MPs for a 2008 vote-of-confidence, The Left and BJP in India have slammed PM Singh over denying the charges.

As discussed earlier on this site, Mr. Singh’s Congress Party is already having trouble with over corruption scandals, including licenses for telecom companies and lawmakers acquiring apartments intended for war widows. In his March 18th statement, PM Manmohan Singh dismissed the charges in the Wikileaks cable as speculative, unverified and unverifiable.

Gurudas Dasgupta (pictured above), the leader of the Communist Party of India (CPI), sparked the debate in the Lok Sabha, the Lower House of Parliament, claiming that a house committe in 2008 had stated that allegations over the alleged scheme needed to be appropriate investigated further. He later went on to imply that important businessman had prevented the proper authorities (the Central Bureau of Investigation, the Enforcement Directorate, or the Income Tax Department) from carrying out the necessary investigative work so as to remain anonymous.

When PM Singh retorted that voters had sided with him in his re-election bid, Dasgupta replied that Over-emphasizing the poll verdict by the PM has not brought honors to him. I suppose there is a tendency to propound a dangerious theory that might is right.

Verbal retorts continued to fly from the opposition, with the PM expected to answer at least some of the allegations sometime today.

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