26 Apr 2011

Indian Spiritual Leader Denounces Corrupt Indian Government

Swami Ramdev criticized the state of Indian democracy at a recent meeting set up by the Goa Chamber of Commerce, claiming that Indian democracy is rife with corruption at all levels.

Swami Ramdev’s main complain was what he called the misuse of the Land Acquisition Act, saying that “(the) Land Acquisition Act is being misused. The government is unnecessarily harassing its own people by grabbing their land. The main crux of the grim scenario is our corrupt democratic political system wherein corrupt politicians go scot-free and innocent are punished”.

While speaking to 50 business leaders, Swami Ramdev riled against foreign mining companies, who were being awarded land via governmental misuse of the Land Acquisition Act, and were subsequently polluting local environments and stealing land away from the people, stating that Goans were specifically being cheated by their politicians.

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