04 Jul 2011

Indian Yoga Guru Threatens Anti-Corruption Hunger Strike

Only a month or so after prominent Indian activist Anna Hazare went on a hunger strike to protest against the lack of anti-corruption measures put in place by the ruling Congress Party, India’s most famous yoga guru, Swami Ramdev (pictured here) is threatening to start a hunger strike on Saturday in Delhi for the same reasons.

While Swami Ramdev insists that his protest is apolitical, various BJP commentators say that it is Congress that wil suffer if holders of black money are made public, offering a political explanation as to why many prominent Congress politicians have pleaded with Swami Ramdev not to carry out his plans.

The now-famouns Indiant anti-corruption activist and former police officer Kiran Bedi was quoted as saying that You will never have this kind of mass movement for the wrong reasons.

For the original article from International Business Times, please click here.

Please note that the photo of Swami Ramdev comes from Breaking news online, here.