31 Mar 2011

Iraqi National Development Programs Get $600 Million Investment from from Un

Three different United Nations agencies have agreed to invest $600 million into Iraqi National Development Programs in order to support their development.

UNICEF (United Nation’s Children Fund), UNDP (United Nation’s Development Program), and the UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund agreed to the deal with the Iraqi government so that

Activities will be undertaken to build the Government of Iraq’s capacity to deliver essential services to those most in need, create employment opportunities, and strengthen mechanisms to improve governance and protect the fundamental rights of all citizens, said Christine McNab, the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General to Iraq.

One of the beneficiaries of these funds will be the Iraqi Commission of Integrity, whose job it is to fight corruption. Furthermore, other governance-related programs will be funded, such as programs to support the establishment of a human rights commission, support rule of law initiatives that support an independent judiciary, and increase access to justice for women and children.

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