18 Apr 2011

Jamaican Religious Leader Urges Stand Against Government Corruption

Reverend Courtney Richards railed against the government’s Manatt-Dudus Commission of Enquiry and the close relationship between Prime Minister Golding and the alleged drug dealer, Christopher Dudus Coke.

While Rev. Richards warned that people throughout the country were wary of the results of the Commission because, as he said it, politicians’ answers only seemed to confirm political lines rather than the truth, his larger message was one of moral decay.

(The Manatt-Dudus Commission of Enquiry has to do with the hiring of a US law firm to aid the Jamaican government in negotiations over the extradition of Christopher Dudus Coke, a friend of Prime Minister Golding, for crimes related to drug smuggling.)

Rev. Richards went on to attack the seemingly no-nothing stance of Justice Minister Dorothy Lightbourne and National Security Minister Dwight Nelson, who stated I can’t recall on multiple occasions. Rev. Richards went on to say that there were only two options open to Jamaica: revolution or (religious) revival.

For the original article from Jamaica-gleaner.com, please click here. For more background information on the Manatt-Dudus Commission of Enquiry, please click here.

The photo of the Rev. Richards comes from the website of an organization that he is the director of.