24 May 2011

Kosovar Mayor Convicted of Extortion

A panel of EULEX judges at the District Court in Pristina found the Mayor of Kacanik, Xhabir Zharku (pictured here), guilty of extortion and illegal arms possession, with the trial having ended last Thursday (the 21st). Mr. Zharku was sentenced to three years of prison and fined a sum of 1,500 euros.

Mr. Zharku, along with his assistant Arsim Kolshi and two co-defendants, were accused of pressuring businessmen to drop out of a privatization process that he and his associates had wanted in on. Mr. Zharku denounced the charges, saying that they were politically motivated.

Mr. Zharku plans to appeal the decision and will be able to remain in office until the outcome of the appeal is reached.

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The photo of Mr. Zharku comes courtesy of Express Online, with photo credits belonging to Petrit Rrahmani.