31 Mar 2011

Kyrgyz Mp Vows to Resign if Corruption Is Proven

Irkhak Pirmatov, a Kyrgyz MP of the Respublika party, vowed to resign from his post if Omurbek Tekebaev, the former speaker of the Kyrgyz Parliament, could prove his allegations surrounding Pirmatov’s time as the head of the Kyrgyz oil and gas company. If not, Pirmatov vowed to strip Tekebaev of his parliamentary immunity and have him prosecuted.

Tekebaev accused Pirmatov of overcharging for the drilling of a well, which cost $4 million, by up to $15 million on national television yesterday. Pirmatov responded by saying that nothing was charged to the public for the installation of the drilling rig and the allegations were baseless. He retorted that he thought that he would be praised for the deal, as he thought that it would be considered beneficial to the Kyrgyz state.

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