20 Sep 2011

Local Coal Official Convicted for Corruption

Chinese state broadcaster China Central Television reported that the head of the Pu county coal office, Hao Pengjun, was sentenced by a local court to 20 years of prison and 260 million yuan in fines for illegal coal mining and tax evasion.

According to other reports, Hao accumulated positions associated with the control of coal mining in Pu county, among which Communist Party secretary for the coal mining office and head of the local coal mine safety administration. This allegedly enabled him to manage the activity almost as a private enterprise.

The illegal activity allowed Hao to amass 35 properties worth 170 million yuan ($26.5 million), in addition to 127 million yuan ($20 million) in his and his family members’ bank accounts.

For the full article on reuters.com, please click here. The picture portrayed above is from the International Business Times website.