26 Apr 2011

Mep Calls for the End of Side Jobs for Meps

Monica Macovei, an MEP from Romania and a leading anti-corruption campaigner, has called for an end of MEPs holding additional jobs alongside their MEP duties. While MEPs must list any paid positions, Ms. Macovei argues that this not enough, citing the ongoing scandal involving 3 MEPs, including Adrian Severin, also from Romania.

In a telephone interview with EUobserver.com, Macovei said that:

MEPs have five years in the European parliament to legislate for EU citizens. It’s a full-time job and I don’t see why they should have another one in parallel, Macovei said.

We have salaries, we are paid to do this, added the former Romanian minister of justice (2004-2007) who won international plaudits for her efforts to root out high level corruption, including when cabinet colleagues were implicated.

Parliamentary spokesman Jaume Duch said that An MEP who speaks in a meeting of a parliamentary body on a subject in which they have a direct financial interest must declare that interest orally at that point. Macovei responded, however, that this was not enough.

For the original story from EUobserver.com, see the link above.