02 May 2012

Movie Series Raises Awareness against Corruption in Indonesia

A new initiative to raise awaraness against corruption is being implemented in Indonesia. Anti-corruption organizations, film directors and famous actors have produced a series of four movies, entitled “Us against Corruption” (Kita Versus Korupsi), which portrays how corruption takes place in Indonesians’ everyday life and how it can be curbed.

The movies focus on situations such as paying bribes for marriage licenses or corruption in the education system, which reflect an environment where corruption has become an expected behavior in the society. Moreover, the series highlight that corruption can cease to be a common social practice through efforts to raise awareness and educate citizens.

Transparency International’s national chapter in Indonesia, together with the government’s Corruption Erradication Commission (KPK), led production and distribution activities, which included road shows with cast and crew and screenings in several regions of the country.

For more details read “Indonesia launches highly successful film selection: Us against Corruption” on transparency.org. The picture shown above is also featured in the article.