31 Mar 2011

Indian Mp Alleges That Oil Company Attempted to Bribe Him

An Indian MP from the Lower House (Lok Sabha) alleged that representatives of Cairn India Limited, a leader in the oil and gas industry in India, offered him a bribe.

Kikrambhai Arjanbhai Maadam alleged during the opening of the Lok Sabha that he was offered a bribe by Cairn India Limited, and then threatened once he turned down the bribe, saying that

The corporate mafia reached my home and tried to bribe me. They later threatened me with dire consequences in the presence of the District Collector and Superintendent of Police.

Maadam had been leading farmer’s protests in the region for months because the farmers felt that there had been discrepancies in the compensation being paid to them for their land, which would be used to for a pipeline project.

Maadam demanded that the officials who approached him be dismissed, while representatives of several Indian parties in the Lok Sabha have come out in support of him. Furthermore, the Speaker, Meira Kumar, promised to consider the situation.

The original story from Lookout India can be found here.

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