01 Feb 2012

New Study on the Use of Social Media in Fighting Corruption

The UNDP office in Slovakia has published a report exploring the use of social media to fight corruption in the former Soviet countries. The document examines existing literature on the topic and also takes a closer look at specific anti-corruption initiatives, with the aim of identifying main success factors. 

Some of the cases studied in detail are the Georgian version of FixMyStreet, Moldova’s crowdsourcing platform Alerte.md, the activities of the Russian blogger Alexey Navalny and the use of the Ushahidi platform to monitor elections in Kyrgyzstan.

Among the elements identified as contributing to the success of such initiatives are the use of offline media for promotion, the established reputation of the individuals behind the initiative and the verification of reports both by civil society organizations and public authorities.

Read the full article “Social media for anticorruption: lessons from the trenches” on europeandcis.undp.org.