01 Nov 2011

New Website Adds Transparency to Mining Sector in Dr Congo

The Carter Center has launched a website to make information about the mining sector in the Democratic Republic of Congo available to the general public. The new webpage (www.congomines.org), which includes data on hundreds of contracts and payments related to mining activities, is part of the Center’s project to improve mining governance in the country.

The initiative aims at providing relevant actors and watchdogs with information about the sector which could not be accessed otherwise. It attempts to directly tackle the longstanding lack of transparency that has been characteristic of this sector, which represents a significant part of the country’s economy. This problem became particularly evident earlier this year, when secret deals on the property of former state-owned mines came to light.

Read the full article DR Congo mining transparency site launched on bbc.co.uk. The picture shown above is also featured in the article and is credited to AFP.