14 Feb 2011

Play Fair! or the Dog Will Get You

“Disclosure increases the risk of being caught in wrong-doing. There is not enough public pressure to legitimase this request and not enough willingness and expertise inside the government.”

Zuzana Wienk, Leader of Slovak Alliance Fair-Play, interviewed for Transparency Global Voices Online, 2010

“Slovakia’s Most Wanted Watchdog” – as it claims – Fair-Play Alliance (AFP) has been “naming and shaming” around for about 8 years now. And it seems to be working very well for them. Surveys show that citizens perceive AFP as the main actor behind major disclosure of corruption scandals in Slovakia. The EU recognizes and supports their work and some of the people who reached their lists have seen themselves forced to resign. Even large consultancy companies admitted to have used their database in order to complete auditing reports.

What has AFP been doing exactly? For the past 8 years it has been looking at the use of public funds in Slovakia and the links between potential misuses and certain politicians. AFP put together a database that started of with 20 names of politicians whose support funds were suspicious. Now the database has reached 450 names, all food for thought and investigation for Slovak journalists. Under the lead of one of Slovakia’s most prominent anticorruption leaders – journalist Zuzana Wienk – AFP publicized data on misuse of funds in public administration, in relation to many issues such as EU funds, party-financing, conflict of interest legislation and public procurement.

For more information on Fair-Play Alliance and their anticorruption database please consult their website.