15 Mar 2011

Pm Vows to Tackle Corruption

Whatever some people may say, that we are a lame duck government, that I am a lame duck prime minister, we take our job very seriously, declared yesterday Indian PM, Mr Manmohan Singh.

Following a series of corruption scandals related to members of his cabinet, vowed on Wednesday to stay in office to press ahead with reforms, denying a series of massive corruption scandals had made him a lame duck leader, Reuters India reports.

Allegations the government may have lost up to $39 billion in revenues after firms were awarded telecoms deals at rock-bottom prices in return for kickbacks have caused months of parliamentary paralysis, rocked the ruling coalition, and rattled the markets.

That Singh was forced to deny talk of resignation underscored both the gravity of the scandals and how Singh’s decision-making has been paralysed in his second term despite winning re-election in 2009 with an increased majority.

The last parliamentary session was halted by opposition protests demanding a probe into the telecoms scam, effectively stopping any reform bills such as one to make land acquisition easier for both industry and farmers.

Source: Reuters India, full article Cornered PM vows to press on despite scandals, February 16, 2011