31 Mar 2011

Police Probe Into Faked Indian Air Licenses

Following up on an earlier post on this site this week, one of the Indian pilots recently arrested for obtaining a flying license by forging documents has begun naming his source – allegedly have paid between Rs 10-12 Lakhs for the documents (1 Lakh = $2,564).

Within the last week, Indian authorities have arresed Parminder Kaur Gulatie (38) of Indigo airlines and Jitender Kishen Verma (46) of Air India. While two other suspects remain on the loose (Meenakshi Seghal of Indigo airlines and Swaran Singh Talwar of MDLR), Indian authorities have already begun an investigation of between 3,000 and 4,000 other Indian pilots to ensure that no other fraud occurred.

Indian authorities have not ruled out the possibility that employees of the DGCA (Directorate-General of Civil Aviation) are involved in the scheme, although, as of now, nothing against any DGCA employees has come to light.

For the original story from Yahoo news India, click here.