24 May 2011

Prosecutor Wants Baryktobasov Jailed for 18 Years

The prosecutor in charge of Kyrgyz opposition leader Urmat Baryktobasov’s (pictured here) case for allegedly trying to illegally overthrow the government, along with 14 other associates, has asked for the maximum jail time – 18 years. Mr. Baryktobasov tried to register as a candidate for the 2005 elections, but was denied because the Election Commission said that he was a Kazakh citizen.

Mr. Baryktobasov was tried in absentia after the 2005 incident and went into hiding. After his most recent arrest, allegedly for having hidden weapons while marching, more than 3,000 people demonstrated in Bishkek’s central square, demanding that Kyrgyz President Rosa Otunbaeva appoint him Prime Minister.

Fore the original story from Radio Free Europe, please click here.

The picture of Mr. Baryktovasov comes courtesy of Reuters.