20 Sep 2011

Registration for 2011 Open Government Data Camp Begins

Registrations for the Open Government Data Camp 2011, organized by the the Open Knowledge Foundation and Centrum Cyfrowe and scheduled to take place in Warsaw on October 20th and 21st, are beginning this week, according to information posted on the Open Knowledge Foundation blog.

The Open Government Data Camp is part of a larger movement in favor of increasing transparency about governments through the opening of government data to civil society in general. Open government data activists claim that this is necessary to improve the relationship between governments and citizens and to allow the public to be better informed about government activities that affect them.

This is is the second edition of the event and it will include two days of talks, workshops and code sprints, complemented by 10 days of satellite events. 23 partner organizations and representatives of 50 countries are expected to attend.

For more details, please access the Open Government Data website here. A video about the movement is also available here.