14 Nov 2011

Report Exposes Dimension of Corruption in Ben Ali’s Regime

A report presented last Friday by a National Investigation Committee in Tunisia revealed details about evidence of corruption and misappropriation by members of Ben Ali’s regime. The document concluded that corruption was widespread across state agencies, ministries and even the media.

According to Neji Baccouche, a legal expert who presented the Committee’s findings, around 5,000 files were examined and 320 were sent to the prosecutor’s office for further investigations.

The document also included a portrayal of Ben Ali’s and his wife Leila Trabelsi’s life style based on what was found at the former leader’s official residence. Mr. Baccouche suggested that the presidential palace be turned into a museum to remind the public of the corruption that characterized the old regime.

Read the full article Ben Ali Baba’s cave: Tunisia may turn palace into ‘corruption’ museum on middle-east-online.com. The picture shown above is also featured in the article.