19 Mar 2012

Research Initiative Looks at Anti-Corruption Incentives to Businesses

The Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance, located in Berlin, has begun a project to examine ways to motivate businesses to counter or refrain from corruption. Within the scope of this initiative, a report has been published with the results of a global survey with 223 anti-corruption experts not only from the business sector, but also from the public sector and civil society.

The survey aimed to answer questions about what strategies are most effective to engage the private sector in curbing corruption, ranging from more sanction-based approaches to alternatives of incentive schemes. The majority of respondents considered that sanctions are more effective than incentives and rewards in fighting corruption in the business sector.

Nonetheless, 92% of respondents showed support for policies of preferential treatment, particularly in procurement procedures, to companies that demonstrate compliance to anti-corruption principles. Another 77% supported the idea of establishing a corruption ranking of businesses.

For additional information read the article “Motivating business to counter corruption” on blog.transparency.org. The full report is available on humboldt-viadrina.org.